Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use WordPress?

Yes you can. Exact IT web hosting supports all CMS applications including WordPress. If you need help setting it up, please Contact us for assistance.

Does Exact IT web hosting support Microsoft FrontPage Extensions?

No, our hosting provider discontinued support for FrontPage Extensions in mid 2013.

FrontPage has not been supported by Microsoft since 2007.

If you have been using FrontPage, then now is the time to upgrade to a CMS driven website that will simplify your website management and save you money on engaging a web developer to make those important updates.

How do I renew my web hosting?

When your web hosting is due for renewal, please follow these simple steps to make the required payment.

  1. Log on to your account here:
  2. Click on the “Order” tab at the top
  3. Click on “Subscription Service Renewal” (third link down)
  4. Select the 2 checkboxes on the far right of your hosting service
  5. Use the existing credit card details, or complete new credit card details
  6. Click “Place Order” to proceed with the renewal

Your renewal will be automatically processed and an invoice will be emailed confirming payment.

How do I retrieve my account username and password?

If you have forgotten the password for your account please click on the link below and enter your domain name in the form provided.

Recover My Password

An email giving further instructions will be sent to the email address we have on file for your account.

How do I setup

There are two options to achieve this:

  1. Forward email addressed to to using the free “Domain Manager” feature or;
  2. Setup web hosting and get up to 60 POP email accounts (dependant on hosting package)

Option 1 is the simplest and just requires a destination email address (eg – your current Gmail account).

Option 2 provides full email functionality including dedicated webmail, Microsoft Outlook support and spam/virus filtering.

I just registered my new domain. What now?

Once you have your domain registered, the next step is to setup email forwarding, and/or web hosting.

These services can be purchased/configured here:

What domains can I register through Exact IT?

You can register any (available) domain with the following top level domain extension:

  • .biz
  • .club
  • .com
  • .company
  • .email
  • .info
  • .kiwi
  • .melbourne
  • .name
  • .nz
  • .org
  • .photography
  • .properties
  • .rentals
  • .solutions
  • .sydney
  • .technology
  • and many more….
What services are required to host a website?

A website consists of 3 components:

  1. Domain Name (eg.
  2. Web Hosting (disk space on an Internet server to house your website)
  3. Website Content (the website that your visitors see)

Before you put a website online, it is essential that you have a domain name and web hosting.

Exact IT can provide all 3 services, either individually, or as part of a managed package.

If you don’t require a website, and just want to use your domain for email – you need to setup our free “Domain Manager” that allows you to forward email from your domain to your choice of destination email addresses.